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Private Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience

We are excited to offer an experience like no other: a virtual chocolate tasting with our hand-crafted chocolate truffles and Chef Selassie Atadika for your corporate or private event. 

Ahead of the virtual event, we will ship our truffles and a tasting kit to your participants.

Chocolate Tasting Kit

The tasting kit includes our 6 and 12 piece boxes of truffle, a flavor wheel, tasting mat, and cocoa nibs from Ghana.  

Tasting Experience

In a 45 mins to 1 hour call, Chef Selassie Atadika will take participants through the history of cocoa in Ghana, how cocoa is transformed into chocolate, an overview of flavor and a tasting of 6 of our hand-crafted truffles.  It is an interactive call and there is plenty of time for questions from participants.


In addition to the cost of the tasting kits, the virtual tasting costs are as follows:

up to 20 participants - $300

21 to 50 participants - $500

51 to 100 participants- $800