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Hand-Crafted Chocolate Truffles


An assortment of our handcrafted chocolate truffles prepared, curated, and packed just for you!  This includes our award winning Kukua truffle with moringa and white chocolate.

Did you know that very little chocolate is actually produced in West Africa despite producing more cocoa than any region in the world?

We work with local farmers and producers to cultivate and create our chocolates in Ghana. When you open a box of Midunu Chocolates, you will taste the subtle infusion of local bounty –seasonal teas, tisanes, and complex spice blends. These flavors represent the beautiful patchwork that is Africa's culinary heritage.


This season, we are introducing a limited edition 'Boozy Box', which gives you all 4 of our truffles, including alcohol. Inside the six-piece box, you will find:
2- Dedei - Dark Rum and Date Blended into Milk Chocolate
2- Florine - Toasted Coconut, Rum Infused in White Chocolate
1- Yaa - Honey candied Ginger, Ginger Liqueur in Dark Chocolate
1- Nana Ama - Dried Fruit and Akpeteshie (Ghanaian sugar cane spirit) in Dark Chocolate

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