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Old_Private Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience

An experience like no other: a virtual chocolate tasting experience with our award-winning Chef Selassie Atadika for your corporate or private event. 

Tasting Experience:
Join us on a 1-hour journey as our award-winning Chef Selassie Atadika guides explorers through the history of cocoa in Ghana, the transformation from cocoa to chocolate, and the tastings of our Africa-inspired chocolate truffles.  It is an interactive call and there is plenty of time for questions from participants.

Chef Selassie Atadika's speaking fee for the virtual chocolate tastings are as follows:
  • up to 20 participants - $300
  • 21 to 50 participants - $500
  • 51 to 100 participants- $800
Chocolate Tasting Kits (per person):
  • 6 Africa-inspired truffles:
    $30 per person + $10 shipping per address = $40
  • 12 Africa-inspired truffles:
    $48 per person + $10 shipping per address = $58
The tasting kit includes our signature Africa-inspired truffles, a flavor wheel, tasting mat, and cocoa nibs from Ghana.  

Why Choose Midunu?
  • A fun, educational, and interactive experience with an award-winning chef and thought leader on food systems and international relations 
  • Curated chocolate truffles featuring aromatic spices and flavors from across the African continent
  • Collaboration with you throughout the process by adjusting length, content and mood (formal or informal) to ensure we create a memorable experience for you
  • You'll be paired with an event coordinator to manage the guest list and shipping logistics, taking some of the legwork off your plate!
  • A cultural and story-worthy experience, you’ll be excited to share with others!
About Chef Selassie Atadika:
Chef Selassie Atadika is a culinarian, educator, and food systems advocate demystifying African cuisines and the value it offers to the global community.

She celebrates Africa's culinary heritage where culture, community and cuisine intersect with environment, sustainability and economy by employing local, seasonal, and underutilized ingredients to capture the aromatic flavors and essence of Africa in each bite of chocolate.

She is also the founder of Midunu, a nomadic and private dining enterprise in Accra, Ghana that embodies 'New African Cuisine.' And, recently launched The Midunu Institute which looks to document and preserve Africa’s culinary heritage.